Benjamin Horn is a composer and producer of original music living in the Hudson Valley of Upstate New York. House of Love is his personal scoring and tracking studio for scoring to picture as well as recording voiceover, vocals, acoustic and electric instruments. His score for Natalia Iyudin’s “The Garden” has been heard at several short film festivals around the globe. His commercial scores have been featured on television and radio as well as on the web. Benjamin began his career in music as a child, preforming in concert bands and touring choirs. The son of an organist and conductor, Benjamin was immersed in music from birth and has been making melodies and composing pieces on a variety of instruments ever since. 

“Athena’s Theme” commissioned for the Athena Film Festival 2016 trailer

Score, piano, guitar, bass and programming by Benjamin Horn

“Big Mountain Sky” from the soundtrack of “Trust Yourself”

Score, guitar, bass, synths and programming by BenjaminHorn

House of Love currently produces original score and sound design for web videos, commercials and children’s toys as well as continuing to record and mix original material from local artists. Benjamin’s multi-instrumentalism allows for almost any style of score to be created. His Pro Tools studio, combined with a vast array of instruments both real and virtual, allow for an impressive breadth of music genres to be reproduced.

“Escape from the Garden” & “The Garden” from the soundtrack of “The Garden” directed by Natalia Iyudin   thegarden-film.com
Score, guitar, bass, synths and programming by Benjamin Horn, additional guitars by Dmitry Iyudin 

If you are interested in collaborating with Benjamin or are in need of original music content, please contact him at the email link below. Be sure to check out all of the featured video and audio content in the WORKS section.